Hunter Comments



"Thanks for an outstanding hunt! You run a world class operation." Joel, IA

"Excellent hunting, even better people. Thanks for an outstanding experience!" Dirk, WY

"Thanks for a wonderful hunt!... Also thank you very much for your conservation efforts. The way you have setup the farm shows wonderful foresight." Ron, AR

"Thanks for another great hunt." Bob, CO

"Thanks for a great hunt and lots of birds." Dick, MN

"You were wonderful hosts and great guides... I look forward to coming again." Bill, LA

"Thanks for the hospitality and the great hunt. I had a great time and will see you again." Ruben, FL

"Simply The Best" Bud, CA

"Thanks for showing all of us a great time. What a great experience!" Jay, UT

"Thanks for the great hunt. Beats the heck out of Kansas." Jim, KS

"Thanks so much for sharing your slice of heaven with us again this year!" Mark, OK

"Another great year and can't say enough about the quality of the hunt & hospitality. Looking forward to 2011." Mitch, OK
"Great hunt. Wouldn't change a thing." Barry, OK
"Great hunt, great birds, great fun." Rich, MI
"Thanks for a great hunt. I hope to return next year." Bob, TX
"If you want to hunt just call Bill." Bud, CA
"My second trip and even better than last year. The hunting is awesome and so is the whole setup. Thanks for a great experience! Bob, MN
"This was simply terrific- Thanks!!" Mark, MN
"The best hunt ever. Great people, lots of fun, lots of birds, look forward to next year. Jay, TX
"One more time a wonderful hunt." Willie, MD
"Terrific experience!!! Really appreciate all the planning & preparation it took to make such outstanding hunting possible." Tim, AL
"Great hunt and very professional service...." Bob, Alaska
"Great hunt and top notch service. Thank you!! Looking forward to next year." Jerry, Wyoming
"Quite an experience! Thanks for all your hard work, outstanding hunt & hospitality." Mitch, Oklahoma
"Great hunting & hospitality and conservation! A hunt of a lifetime!!!" Joel, Iowa
"I drove thru 7 states to get here and it was worth every minute of it. Ya'll run a class "A" hunting service." Dick, Alabama
"Thanks for another great hunt! As always, everything was perfect and we all had a great time..... Beautiful country and great company" Mark, Minnesota
"We had a great experience. You have developed an awesome hunting operation. We plan to return." John, Minnesota
"There are few pleasures in life better than great hospitality and a once in a lifetime hunt. Thank you for sharing a small part of this great country with us. I, for one plan to return for as long as God allows." John, Alabama



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